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& BELONGING (through the lens of ADOPTION).

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Heeeyy Dandelion!

Author, Dawn Charleston-Green shares what you can expect in the Heeeyy Dandelion Collection and why it’s perfect to bring ATTENTION to SELF-ESTEEM and BELONGING.

"Heeeyy Dandelion is a children’s book because of its colorful illustrations; not because its message is elementary."

~Dawn Charleston-Green, Author

Meet Dandelion’s Brother- RUDY THE SMART KID

- a curious boy who pushes the limits of what others expect; which always undeniably proves him to be …ONE SMART KID.


Paperback - $15.99

To learn more, visit rudythesmartkid.com

ISBN: 979-8-9880305-1-5

Also available in HARDCOVER for $24.99

"Like Heeeyy Dandelion speaks to little girls about self-esteem,

I hope that RUDY THE SMART KID helps little boys see themselves and the potential and possibilities available to them.

You are ENOUGH and you are of VALUE."

Author, Dawn Charleston-Green

Heeeyy Dandelion!



Ana is an 8-year-old girl who struggles sometimes with telling the truth and her self-esteem. One day during a difficult family moment, Ana’s adoptive mother shares with her the attributes and life-cycle of a dandelion; explaining that though the dandelion looks like a flower, some consider it a weed, not understanding its value - the way that Ana sometimes feels.

This story is beautifully written with colorful illustrations to match. Book includes VOCABULARY, CHECK-ON-LEARNING, JOURNAL PROMPTS, AND AUTHOR EXTRAS.


ISBN: 979-8-9860452-1-4


¡Hola, Diente de león!


The award-winning children's book Heeeyy Dandelion is officially available as ¡Hola, Diente de león!

Same great story, now translated to Spanish.

Perfect for ESL learners or students studying Spanish.

ISBN: 979-8-9860452-4-6

Heeeyy Dandelion,

Mind Your Manners


Click the video to hear details from the author.

Mind Your Manners!


Follow the five short stories of Ana (Dandelion) as she learns to MIND HER MANNERS in HYGIENE, COURTESY, TABLE MANNERS, RESPECT, & PATIENCE. Written to help children understand the basic elements of etiquette.

Once children have learned their manners, let them use INCENTIVIZED PRATICE CHARTS to help them better develop and keep their good habits.

ISBN: 979-8-9860452-8-3

"Dawn Charleston Green has woven together a story that will touch and uplift the soul. As a parent and as a Licensed Social Worker who works with children, I highly recommend this book to help us as we navigate those parenting conversations with our most precious gifts, our children."

~Wilhelmina Purvis Bagsby, Parent, Licensed Social Worker, and Professional School Counselor

Storybook & Coloring Book Bundle


New abridged storybook ($15.99) and coloring book ($6.54). Available together for one low price.

*Includes the same COMPLETE STORY. DOES NOT INCLUDE JOURNAL PROMPTS - Intended for younger children.  

Abridged Storybook ISBN:  979-8-9860452-7-6

Coloring Book ISBN: 979-8-9860452-5-2

"I loved how the book teaches parents/guardians how to deal with dishonest children in a positive way; not always in a punitive way, but rather in a way that encourages child/parent engagement and dialogue that could help change negative behaviors."

~Donneesha Martin Spivey, Parent & 3rd Grade Teacher


Children’s Collection Bundle



Includes complete Unabridged Storybook with JOURNAL PROMPTS & AUTHOR EXTRAS ($19.99); Full-Length Journal with Affirmations and Mental-Health Check-ins ($22.50); and Coloring Book ($6.54).

"When I read the draft, I was overcome with emotions from different perspectives; not only as a parent and an educator but also in memory of my younger self, who remembers feeling like young Ana in the story. Oh, how I wish 10-year-old me had this book; for my own experiences really relate to that of a dandelion."

~Treska Haley Mitchell, Parent & Retired Elementary School Principal

Children’s Daily Journal, Affirmations & Check-Ins


This 90+ page full length (11in x 8.5in) spiraled journal is the supplemental companion to the book, HEEEYY DANDELION! Throughout the pages are places to write down (JOURNAL) anything  young users may have on their mind, as well as places to help them stay organized. Sometimes users will be asked to remember what happened during their day and how it made them feel by completing CHECK-INS.

The practice of journaling can help users feel better, as well as think better. Journaling can also help users have better thoughts towards other people, things that have happened to them, and towards themselves. To help users think positive thoughts about themselves, they'll also see AFFIRMATIONS. These are reminders to help young users remember that they are special. Finally, to help them relax a bit, there are also PUZZLES sprinkled throughout.

ISBN: 979-8-9860452-3-8

"This story, as well as the collection, should be in schools and used in counseling sessions everywhere."

~Stephanie-Nicole, Parent, Radio Host & Gospel Recording Artist

Heeeyy Dandelion Coloring Book


The HEEEYY DANDELION Coloring Book was created as a supplemental companion to the HEEEYY DANDELION Book and Journal. Since not all children are able to express themselves through writing, the coloring companion is another great way for children to express themselves through art and creativity. The HEEEYY DANDELION Coloring Book is 36 Fun Pages to fill your mind with Happy Thoughts of DANDELIONS and Springtime.

ISBN:  979-8-9860452-5-2

Wanna read HEEEYY DANDELION on the go or at your convenience? Get the DOWNLOADABLE eBook for your tablet or other electronic device. Same great story with VOCABULARY, CHECK-ON-LEARNING, AND JOURNAL PROMPTS.

Heeeyy Dandelion! - eBook

ISBN:  979-8-9860452-2-1


"How we project on the outside is not always indicative of how we feel or what’s under the surface. Sometimes we may feel misunderstood, unseen, and unvalued. What I love about the dandelion is that it doesn’t need perfect conditions to grow. It just requires a crack of possibility.  Knowing that. . .

It seems there is a little DANDELION in all of us "

~Dawn Charleston-Green, Author, Parent, Former Educator/Counselor, & Child Advocate

Heeeyy Dandelion Collection


Get the entire HEEEYY DANDELION COLLECTION (Original Storybook, Journal, Coloring Book, and Mind Your Manners for one low price; and bring the gift of LITERACY, EMPATHY, and GOOD MANNERS into your home.

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